Bodhimarga Darshan Maitri Dharma
The teachings of Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Guru
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Guru Marga Darshan, Maitri Dharma Pfadführung

 Orientierungspfad für Wahrheitssucher Hier in diesem Erdenreich, in dieser perfekt geschaffenen Dharma-Welt – ausgerichtet auf unseren menschlichen...

Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha's Speeches

Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Guru plädiert für Menschlichkeit 21. März 2017 im Kathmandu Tal, Nepal

Dharma Sangha Bodhi Shrawan Guru Sangaya Mai Maitri Sarva Dharma Sangaya   Ich bin in diese Welt gekommen, um allen lebenden Wesen den Maitri...



Dharma-Botschaft des hochverehrten Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Guru an die Sangha anlässlich der 18. Weltfriedens-Maitri-Divas, im März 2023. An diesem...


The Eleven Maitri Precepts

1. Never break oneness and equality on account of name, appearance, ethnicity, tribe, religion, colour, class, gender, belief, community, nation, power, position, ability and so forth; this means, give up all discord, be it worldly or spiritual.

2. Having found the eternal Dharma, Margapath and the Guru, remain respectful to all religions and beliefs.

3. Never cause rifts or doubts with untruths, accusations and counter-accusations, belittling or meaningless talk.

4. Resist all teachings and paths that lead to separation, rifts or boundaries; stay steadfast in the true marga-practice.

5. Resist doing even the least harmful karma-actions throughout life in true Gurumarga practice, melt totally into Guru’s truth-nature, becoming part of it.

6. Before being truly merged in the essential realities and practices of Gurunature and Dharmanature, refrain from expounding it with clever words; while still mired in hearsay, rumour, and propaganda, do not draw others into delusion.

7. Avoid any and all demonic behaviour: violence, killing, harming or hurting living beings; choose only pure wholesome nourishment.

8. Do not think less of people or countries on account of national identity.

9. Rooted in true Gurumarga practices, dedicate all karma-actions, thought and speech to the uplift of the whole world, including ourselves.

10. When searching for Truth, the Gurumarga path begins to take form within the heart and attain Paramatma moksha-liberation for the wellbeing of all life in the universe.

11. Remain always in the highest and deepest awareness, realising the various precepts in the soul, gaining freedom from all bygone bondage and constraints.

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