Dharma Message From Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Guru to all Sangha (March 2023)

April 1, 2023 / Updated on April 5, 2023 2265

Dharma message
from the most revered Mahāsambodhi Dharmasangha Guru
to all Sangha on the occasion of the 18th World Peace Maitri Divas, March 2023.

On this unique day of maitri divas celebrating the 18th World Peace puja I wish to send auspicious and loving blessings for all valiant disciples, sangha members and devotees who defeat all challenges and crises to examine their current situations in light of this Maitri Dharma message. May everyone, and the whole world attain Maitrian mukti-moksha liberation.

Unbounded Maitri blessings to all dharmagurus, disciples, devotees and followers immersed in mukti-moksha mārgapaths unshakable in body and soul, who fully abide in dharma discipline and precepts, ceaselessly perform nonviolent actions and peaceful duties following the true Maitridharma Guru in total trust in one heart and one being, taking full refuge in Paramātma Bhagawān despite hard moments filled with struggles against all obstacles. Shaigi Wayinkya!

The privilege of living in the refuge of Paramātma Bhagawān is an immense good fortune for obtaining the essence of joyous spiritual wisdom and the worldly realisations needed to attain ultimate mukti-moksha liberation. Every human soul will complete its precious human life by fully following the precepts and rules of Maitridharma. Looking at the processes on the spiritual journey, the brief experience of living out the human life can be fully blissful when it is absorbed in all living beings and spent in positive selfless activities that benefit the entire world, accumulating ever more dharma punya-merit for all; it can also be spent for many wicked activities like using dharma paths for financial gains, desires, greed and temptations, abusing dharma organisations and sangha communities by politicising dharma, by trickery, foul actions of manipulation or deceit whenever results do not accord with one’s selfish wishes. For then all happiness gained in life will be lost with the capacity for spiritual growth.

The myriad Paramātma gifts and comforts can never bring complete fulfilment to human life. This is the inescapable truth of this Realm: whether ordinary or affluent, the human soul cannot remain forever content from momentary pleasures. Life’s true significance emerges only when souls are on the mukti-moksha mārgapath selflessly following Guru and Maitri dharma for the benefit and uplift of all living beings, steadfast without wavering. When one’s own innermost consciousness is positive, all situations become truth. And when one lives and acts in truth, even if all alone, one will have to endure myriad obstructions and difficulties. Truth will always triumph in the end, like the supremacy among all numbers of the infinite and all-embracing Zero.

It is not easy to overcome adversities. The fruit of struggling is strength; and the root of human suffering is that feeling of discontent; and of all these different types of suffering, the main one is failure to realise the truth of life. The energy to live life joyfully comes when we remain always content from the innermost heart. Humans can be fully happy and satisfied only when performing bright dharma karma actions of a positive nature, leaving all negative feelings that fill the inner being with toxic essences, by forsaking all transitory pleasures derived from outside. The human world is gripped by countless maladies, leaving not the least peace in the soul. Humans, ourselves, are the sole cause. But when it is realised that the fault lies in the inner self, we bury it deep by committing more faults. Eventually as a result of such disobediance, the growth of flawed thinking opposing the rules and precepts of genuine Maitridharma, breaking Guru’s instructions without discipline, we gain sheer pain and suffering. Unless we forge dharma rules into positive actions, purify ourselves from all defilements, regain our innocence to abide in the refuge of Maitridharma and Paramātma Bhagawān, no human soul can possibly become healed and totally satisfied. The consequence of rampant wrongdoings of short-lived, self-serving interest ruining the natural resources of Creation, is to invite myriad other types of harm and destruction. Darkening clouds of pain and suffering have enshrouded Earth from corner to corner where antagonistic mindset devastate the green Plant Kingdom and other natural resources, whilst the steady impact of pride and revenge result in violence and killing from individual homes, towns and societies, to organised weaponised warfare among regions, states and nations.

Earth is the ground-support for living our human lives; the obligation of its care and protection rests with us all. To deviate foolishly from the mārgapath when Guru is showing us guidance is to move towards self-annihilation. Deep within, humanity is fully aware that this preset lifetime in this Earth Realm is to do positive and uplifting karma actions. And since in this Realm we have been given the very same Paramātma dharma, the very same Paramātma karma-practice and the very same basic life-sustaining elements: vegetation, air, sun, water and earth, why can’t human souls be as one? Cheerful consciousness is based primarily on love and kindness together with compassion that are as nectar. Its life-energy kindles infinite dharma light in the depths of the soul where, in spite of the harshest man-made obstacles of every physical or spiritual dimension, our goal is simply and easily attained.

From the perspective of Paramātma dharma laws and rules, all of human life is a long and loving test, naturally filled with many hardships and challenges. Specifically, it is not easy to succeed on the dharmamārga journey, as some test-obstructions cannot be resolved early. Final and certain attainment of the Moksha Realm occurs only when we persevere without let up on the mārgapath till the very last life-breath. During our life-journey, some may deviate from the main track half-way, while misfortunes may cause others to stray without ever reaching the destination. Paramātma Bhagawān constantly send visible and invisible physical and spiritual tests to assess our trust, faith, devotion and hope. Sangha and devotees are entrusted with the duty directly and indirectly – written and spoken – of accurately reflecting Guru’s mārgadarshan pathguidance. To waver on the dharma path, turning away from Paramātma principles and codes, to wander off from our given life-assignment in self-centred activities, is to invite our destruction over these momentary gratifications. Meaningless rites, rituals and traditions filling followers with pain and suffering making them like a dead corpse among the living, are thoroughly corrupt. They generate opposition, discord, discrimination, violence and killing and notions of the untouchable, as ever-worsening decay of selfishness, pride and avarice. But once humans of the world begin to realise first-hand experiential knowing of real Paramātma dharma karma practices, no such immoral actions could ever take place.

Maitri means friendship, with feelings of loving kindness and compassion for one another. We should not merely light it up in gestures and words, but our heartset should be optimistic from the innermost depths of the soul where genuine spiritual serenity is ultimately attained. Because of excessive negativity, hatred, arrogance, envy in the soul during human life struggles between birth and death, humans may not always realise that all now-bitter now-sweet experiences in the seesaw of life are in fact priceless boons and blessings bestowed by Paramātma Bhagawān, in exact accordance with their past and present karma actions. If it were truly impossible for human beings to generate selfless maitribhav filled with love, kindness and compassion, then indeed, Earth would not have the slightest chance for unbroken peace. May universal all-maitribhav filled with love, kindness and selfless, generous loving friendship spread throughout the Human Realm.

In this Human Realm there is no one called an “enemy”, and will never be. Among humans, notions of hostility in outlook and in behaviour is a massive sickness that generates essential negativities within the soul. Having expunged this rotten core from the inner recesses, humans need to reach out friendly hands to ensure peace for the wellbeing of the entire world. In the extraordinary human life, happiness and pain are two sides of the same coin. Yet humans cheerfully welcome happiness and find it hard to confront pain and suffering which makes it more difficult to keep heartsoul together. In fact, however, all humans have the capacity to create genuine and lasting contentment and should expand the soul’s capacity to be ever satisfied, serenely absorbing both delight and despair equally. Because the greatest “enemy” is within: that very feeling of discontent that gnaws at the heart, preying on the innermost being with infectious defilement. Humans must not be caught by such decay. For once we become infected by such soul sickness, the anger and arrogance in the scratched heartsoul will spread corruption throughout, and cause irreversible catastrophe.

Because pure meditation, mantra practice and wisdom of living dharma are most important for maintaining a wholesome life, it is vital to know them by probing unceasingly for truth, in diligent action immersed in universal all-maitribhav. Realising the unique qualities embedded in life on Earth, more than strong attachments to worldly pleasures, the entire world must release the full potential of human qualities by abiding deeply and steadily on the dharma mārgapath.

It is a fact that we humans think and talk far more than is necessary. This stirs up additional searching and focusses attention on negative matters. It is vital for humans to know that at present the sole reason for this excessive mental illness is that human beings harbour more negative thoughts than positive ones. But living within dharma precepts and rules, selflessly contemplating universal all-maitribhav for worldwide transcendence, and obtaining Paramātma blessing, the twisted mental heartsets can be reverted and all mistakes, made knowingly or unknowingly corrected.

All human life is founded on one single premise: it must be used in complete perseverance and resolute resistance. However, instead of setting up peace and universal maitribhav – that is friendship on Earth, human attention has been given mostly to monetary earnings. In this manner it is not certain in what state the soul will remain after death, whether mukti-moksha liberation is obtained. If deliberately doing misdeeds like killing, violence or fraud, the soul will bear the fruit in other supra-terrestrial realms as well as in Earth Realm.

What is “dhyan” full concentration? Dhyan meditation is joining the body and mind into one. One consciousness in serene, undefiled stillness and innocent state of peace, focusing on the refuge of Paramātma Bhagawān, and under Their Glance experience the happy triumphant ascension of all living beings.

What is “gyan” spiritual knowing?Remaining patient, disciplined, earnest, and mindful in all the joys and sorrows of life, filled with unbounded kindness, love and compassion, wishing good happy lives for all living beings, perceiving Guru and dharma in the hearteye whilst immersed in the refuge of Paramātma and reach humanity’s life-goal by mantra-mala meditation, prayer and pure meditation.

Inner serenity and endurance are so very important in human life that we must never lose such conscious awareness under any circumstance, for they are the strongest binding formula for attaining the spiritual wisdom of living dharma and punya merit for the world.

Finally, there has been concern in the world over this interval of silence. I wish to convey to all of you in this dharma message that Guru has remained unswerving towards His work and duties, developing myriad new works for the wellbeing and happiness of all living beings of Earth. In the coming days, Guru Himself will bestow all qualities of living maitridharma wisdom together with the higher-level mārgadarshan that completes your pathguidance. Both will be given through His direct Presence and message of loving friendliness, with the earnest call for World Peace on Earth.

So be it in all-maitri Blessings


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