The Book of Maitri Dharma

Today we need no longer search in confusion. Truth is right here – alive and spreading among us. Just like the morning sun rising over the earth in shafts of golden light, the dawning of our shining future took place in a lovely hamlet in southern Nepal. A little boy was born hearing the words “Go into Meditation!” and at age of fifteen undertook an extreme, deep-probing six-year meditation in totally wild jungles, alone in total renunciation without food or water. Fortified by centuries of meditation in past lives, overcoming every and all difficulties, he retrieved in unsurpassed victory the highest primordial wisdom to gain everlasting happiness for all living beings. At this eleventh hour he is revealing the way to save confused humans from inevitable self-destruction, to return to Earth its original integrity and vitality, to uplift all living beings onto salvation, showing the pathway to Heaven. A soul of such immense purity and blessing descends onto the human world only once in many thousands of years to bring it back on track.

Like Spring dawning on Earth and beautiful wafting remnants of winter sprout enchantment in nature from gleaming melting ice, advent of the Guru is sowing amazing transformations in the spiritual realm where, entering the Golden Age of Truth, we can at last attain primordial wisdom and awaken!

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