Questions and Answers Session of April 14, 2013 in Patharkot

April 14, 2013 2041

1. Is there any positive thing in ego?

This is adharmic (not Dharma), let's just talk about Love.

2. When Guru looks at me, I feel Guru want to say something to me, what is it?

Guru looks at anyone in the same way and emotions may arise. One needs to take care of these emotions.

3. Is there any difference between Bodhi Dharma and the Sanatan Dharma taught by Haidakhan Babaji?

There are many Dharmas existing, most of them are sacred secrets and they should stay sacred secrets; they are not for the public. One should not think of the past. Time has changed, now is Maitri time, and Maitri Teachings should be followed.

4. How to feel more devotion towards you?

It is up to oneself to develop devotion as much as one wants. Maitriya is always in your heart.

5. Is it better to stay here (in Patharkot) or go in the monastery?

It's your choice, you choose the path which you want.

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