Celebrations of the Maitri Divas Season Around the World in 2023

March 5, 2023 547

Maitri Divas is the annual Springtime celebration of the great heavenly Gurus who had come to Earth to undertake the practice for their spiritual transcendence. Mahā Maitri Mārga Gyawi was born on Chaitra 8th – falling on the 22nd of March this year. All other great Dharma Gurus were also born during the Spring months, up until the end of Jestha (mid-June). Thus it has been auspicious to hold very joyful pujas (of any length) for these Paramātma Gurus any time during these three months.

In order to enable worldwide Maitri Sangha members to celebrate Maitri Divas and accumulate precious dharma punya, and with the approval of Guru’s Central Office, the following countries will be hosting pujas:
  • USA (California) – 18th – 19th March
  • Russia (Moscow Region) – 25th – 26th March
  • New Zealand (online) – 22nd March (more info)
All sangha, devotees and followers are welcome to join pujas in their respective locations (please email office@bsds.org to get more details on each puja) or join the open online puja broadcast that will be streamed online from New Zealand.

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