Alert re Unauthorised Solicitations

April 24, 2020 383

There has been a flurry of monetary solicitations recently among people as devotees, as channellers, healers, as fund-raisers, or as official event organisers, requesting financial support for various projects ascribed to maitri dharma and/or Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru.

No such requests have been made by Guru. It is not dharmic practice to seek money from others for ourselves in the name of maitri dharma or Guru.

Any and all requests to devotees and non devotees alike, whether as private solicitation or as public announcements, i.e. any private or public blogs other than Guru's official website, is not issued by Guru's Central Office and is not to be trusted.

Anyone receiving such requests should immediately check with Guru's Office by writing to

Anyone thinking of contributing to Guru's several major ongoing projects may do so directly via the official donation page on this website.

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