Interview On Ram Bahadur Bomjan On Dec 5, 2005

12. maj 2005 53

Ram Bahadur Bomjan has been meditating under this tree since May 18th, 2005 for 6 months, 16 days.

Dec 5, 2005. His brother Gangajit:

– He said, “I am (Aba Meba?) Rinpoche. I have a Guru. He is Chi Ni Nyi Chen Guru. I am an avatar (a reincarnate).” He was a special kid. If he’d been educated, he could have explained, but we used to mistreat him, call him crazy. Out parents did not have any education. He did not have a lot of schooling. He is 16 years old. We used to worry, but he’s sat through monsoon rains and hail storms. You would expect him to get sick with bacterial infections, but he has not. Now we believe, that he will be fine. He came on his own, nobody told him to come here, no one put him here…. We are blessed to have him; we don’t ask for anything, we don’t have any difficulties. All we want for him is to succeed on the path he has chosen…. From his left foot it circled his body and went to the top of his head. It was 28th. Some of his hair rose up on its own and formed a knot. Then from here, here and here light came. The light was very clear and white, very different from sunlight. Then on the crown of his head was an OM, on this throat was a swastika, on his chest – a lotus flower and here – a Sun and last – a small dagger like knife…. He moves his head and neck a little. Some see him move, some go with cameras and don’t see him move at all. He breathes like us 16 to 22 per minute. He has lost weight, but he is well. The investigation confirmed he is fine.

– He has not eaten in 6 months?

– No.

– Do you think he is mind people come?

– He said let people come, but come quietly and peacefully. There is no need for offerings of flowers, lamps and money – just come and go peacefully.

– That is fine.

His mother Maya Devi:

– I don’t come often. Just in a week. We have a lot of work at home, we are farmers, you know, there is work.

– It is good, it is good, very good.

Ram Bahadur intends to meditate for 6 years.

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