Maitri Glossary

All Glossary terms relate to Dharma, subject of the cosmic events now reshaping our world. It is through growth of our first-hand experience of these words as they unfold in each heart over time, that we gain the depth of true awakening in living Dharma and act in maitri on our own, spontaneously. Once the universe-nurturing dharma is back in place, once humanity returns dharmically into universal oneness then, spontaneously from within as our hearts maitrify, the physical environment will recover its original pristine blue skies and toxin-free air, land and waters. Slowly but surely, Earth itself will become pure enough to welcome the supreme divinities who have been helping us through the Guru, even as the veil between humans and Paramatma Bhagawan is gaining transparency.

Note:: all words listed below are Sanskrit-derived Nepali words that Guru often uses, and are mentioned in the Preface as holding special important implications or meanings in the Maitri Dharma presented in this published book. Recently added Maitrian words are so noted. Most Nepali words come from Sanskrit, (very few come from Urdu or other regional traditions and are less often used by Guru.) Words underlined here have their own entries in this Glossary.

untrue, untruth, non-dharmic, anti-dharma

In general means self-pride, self-aggrandisement, arrogance, egoism. In Maitri it is one of the most undesirable states of being that causes harm knowingly or unknowingly. 

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