Celebrating Guru’s Birthday

April 9, 2021 98

For the supreme legate of Bodhimarga Darshan Maitri Dharma, the most revered omniscient Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Gurujyu who, having completed His 31st year enters His 32nd year, we wish vibrant health and longevity, offering countless bright flowers with unfathomable reverence, faith, devotion, gratitude and unending prayers filled with all-loving-friendly maitribhav, we light the sacred lamp and bow repeatedly with palm joined, reverencing Guru’s gentle Lotus feet.

For the welfare and benefit of all the world’s living beings, Gurujyu has secured the ultimate place for human liberation through the sacred paths of Bodhimarga, Margaguru and Gurumarga Darshan, where the Gurumarga path further comprises Sanyasi Ascetic Gurumarga, Sanyasi Ascetic Maha Matma Gurumarga, Grihasthi Householder Matma Gurumarga and the worldwide all-secular Gurumarga. From the deepest recesses of our hearts we followers of Maitri Dharma together proffer unbounded gratitude and joyful good wishes.

Kothi Kothi Pranam. Nyayinges Lopam Ngyus.

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