Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru's Birthday

April 7, 2020 338

During this shiny month of April, worldwide gurus and devotees rejoice as Guru celebrates His 30th birthday, and as all together we enter the 31st Year of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru’s advent in the human realm, closing the millennia-long gap between the Paramatma Bhagawan Creators and Humanity. With deep happiness and reverence, unceasingly bowing from the heart in unfathomable awe, we look up to the Paramatma Dharma Guru towering in our midst, radiating life and goodness onto all living beings, all creatures of air, land and sea, all beings of the plant kingdom large and small. Just as millions of tiny lights twinkle when we look up at the sun with eyes closed in reverence, let our hearts burst in full maitribhav like millions of tiny fragrant wildflowers spread far and wide in offering, as Guru’s garden. And as together we learn to experience in the heart the steady groundswell of bodhi marga in the world, let divine maitri dharma rise and spread in the soul of all living beings, as under Guru we strive in daily dharma karma to gain the pristine purity, integrity and oneness, let us harvest the Mukti-Moksha transcendence for all, to transform our beautiful Blue Dharti Earth into Paramatmas’ Sukhavati fulfilling Guru’s wish and promise.

The Meaning of Maitri and of Bodhi Shrawan in Bodhi Marga Darshan Maitri Dharma

बोधि श्रवण अर्थात सत्य तथा गुरु तत्वको बोध हुनु हो । अस्तित्वगत तत्वको पहिचान हुनु हो वा सर्व ज्ञानले युक्त हुनु हो । Bodhi-Heeding means to be in truth...

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